Rest & Recharge in the Rocky Mountains

It has been a few weeks since a post, primarily because we headed up to our home away from home for some rest & family time.  We are lucky enough to have a family home in Breckenridge and we love getting out of town whenever we can to head up to the beautiful town high up in the Rocky Mountains.  We spend our days enjoying winter activities ~ skiing, snowshoeing, and throwing snowballs for our dog.  I also enjoy my walks, albeit a little chilly with less oxygen, but lots of gorgeous homes to look at which makes me happy.  Mountain homes have such a unique look with their creative use of wood beams & siding, gorgeous stone walls & fireplaces, large windows, and properties littered with aspen trees & mountain views if you’re lucky.  On my walk today, I couldn’t help but pause for a short break to take in the sweeping views of Breckenridge Ski Resort.  It was high 30s and bright sun and even though the town is bustling with visitors for the holidays, up here east of mountain, I can walk a little slower and enjoy the peace & quiet.

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