About Beth

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I grew up in Fairfield, CT and although I love the east coast, I always had an interest in moving “west.”  In 2006, I made the decision to move to Boulder and loved it immediately.   I had a feeling I was never moving back to CT and started to set down roots, purchasing my first home, a condo, in downtown Boulder in 2009.  It was a labor of love, remodeling the entire place room by room.  While living in the condo, I got engaged & married to my now husband, Brian, a CU Boulder grad.  Ready to start a family with more space, we sold the condo for a great profit (thanks to Bill Goodacre, our REALTOR® at the time) and purchased a home in the Gunbarrel area of Boulder.  The process of buying, remodeling, & then selling made me realize how much I enjoy all things “home” from decor, to home remodels, to real estate.

I decided to follow this passion of all things “home” and left my corporate marketing job to begin a career in real estate.  With over 13 years experience in business & marketing, I look at real estate in a different way than most.  I believe to suceed in real estate, you need to provide an exceptional client experience whether it is to help the client buy their dream home or sell their property for top dollar.  My focus is my clients and my goal is to provide a real estate experience that exceeds their expectation.

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