Nantucket Reading Room

Spring 2021: Nantucket Reading Room

Project: The front room of the house currently has little purpose and was just a catch-all for random furniture. With a family full of readers, it made sense to turn the room into a reading room for people to step away from the rest of the home, get cozy, and read a book. The vision was to create an inviting, welcoming, comfortable, and light space.

Mood Board:

Proposal: Initial direction was to incorporate the handmade family coffee table into the space. As the project continued, the direction was added to also keep the current rug. Both the coffee table & rug are on the dark-side, but the direction was to be light. I pivoted the vision to pull in complimenting colors of the rug while choosing light furnishings elsewhere. My favorite pieces here are the Ethan Allen Wes Swivel chairs, in a beautiful Hayes Oatmeal fabric. They have a deep seat & high back, which just welcome you to sit and stay. Once those are in place in the bay window, I’m guessing it will be hard to get someone to give up their seat!

Mock-up of chosen furnishings:

Pictures of completed space: