Stay On Top of Your Exterior Paint


Just a few weeks ago, we had a painting company come retouch all the exterior paint on the house. It wasn’t the most glamorous way to spend money, but we knew it was important. I had begun to notice that some of the exterior paint was chipping and in some instances, there was exposed raw wood. Heading into winter, it was really important that we tackled this issue before it became a problem. Exposed raw wood has the potential to rot if it is exposed to moisture and rotten wood would be a much more expensive project than some paint touch-up. We had been pushing off this project since spring and although I probably could have found many more ways to spend this money, the peace of mind we now have was worth the expense!

Add Charm with Exterior Lighting


Have you given your exterior home lights even a second of a thought lately?  Dated exterior lights is a missed opportunity to make your home more inviting and help your home style shine through at first glance. It is a pretty simple and affordable project to tackle that makes a big difference. There are so many styles to sift through which can be time consuming, but if you can pinpoint a theme that resonates with you that can help. Are you traditional or more contemporary?  Keep in mind ease of cleaning the light if your home is prone to bugs flying around the lights.

Updating the exterior lights of our home is something I had been thinking about all year. I’d inspect the lighting on homes during walks and make a mental note of what stood out to me. I became inspired by a gorgeous home with a sweeping front porch on Mapleton Avenue that had big hanging lanterns. For our home, I  found medium-sized bronze hanging lanterns with an open seeded glass.  I liked the more traditional look of these lights with the modern element of LED lighting. After installation, they were brighter than I expected so I had our electrician add a dimmer. Now we can dim the lights to a soft glow if we want to sit on our rockers on the porch or turn them more bright for the house to standout.  It has made such a difference to the look of our home and I can’t help myself from staring at the house when we pull into our driveway.